October 2015

On October 10th of last year, Corbin and I said our vows to spend the rest of our lives together. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and when I look back through the pictures and think about that day of love, family, friends, music, dancing, good food, and wine, I feel so grateful and happy.15517_10152781810554865_2551293568968015144_n

A lot has changed since that day. I finally graduated and got my BS in Anthropology and celebrated by dying my hair red, Corbin got a new job, and we moved to our dream city of Portland. But besides the obvious big life changes, there are all of the big and little changes that go unseen by most people. Like changes in relationships, changes in how you feel about yourself, and changes in how you see and perceive the world.  These are the changes that I believe are most significant. Even in just one year, Corbin and I have been through so many challenges together. But these challenges are what I am most grateful for, because even after knowing this man for the last decade of my life, we continue to learn and grow together.

To celebrate our first wedding anniversary we decided to run away into the forest of our beautiful Pacific Wanderland to sleep under the stars, drink wine by the campfire, explore beautiful waterfalls, make fairy houses by a pond,  indulge in large portions of campfire breakfasts, and most importantly, be unreachable by the modern world. It was perfect.

IMG_3070 copy

I wonder what this next year will bring.


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