Living Small.

Corbin and I have always lived in fairly small, modest spaces. The first place we ever lived in by ourselves was a tiny converted garage studio in Orange, California.


Complete with an orange tree


and a rainbow painted fence


Since then, we’ve lived in another converted garage, a couple mobile homes, and even a tent (if only for a weekend). I’ve loved each of the places we’ve called home temporarily and the memories each one has painted in our lives: The massive sleepovers when family was in town, playing music on the porch, making our own orange juice, exploring our backyard forest, bike rides, walks into town, miserably failed gardens, nights out with friends, lazy summer days in the inflatable pool, midnight dances under the stars…

I guess it’s never really mattered what housing structure we have lived in. What has mattered is the people we’ve been able to share our time with while living in these spaces and the locations we’ve been able to explore.

Right now, Corbin and I are lucky enough to be living in a beautiful apartment in Portland, Oregon.

It is small, and I love it so.


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